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Subject: Timezone problems with recurring events
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Hello, I've run into another issue with recurring events, but this one I can't quite figure out. If I have a recurring event which was created in my timezone and I try to get the next occurrence of it, it will give the correct time from my local timezone, but the timezone of the result will be in UTC For example, if I have a meeting at 11am EDT, it will say the next meeting is at 11am UTC. I'm starting off with a recurring Google Calendar event. I get the ICal part of it with the "recurrence" method, and that seems to have the right timezone. I next get the DateTime version with Data::ICal::Entry::Event's recurrence method, and that seems to be in the Floating timezone. Finally I use DateTime::Set's next method, and that seems to be in UTC. I've attached a small test program which shows the problem. The output of this program on my calendar is: Event Event Title ICal Recurrence Data::ICal::Entry::Event=HASH(0x8ed2830), starting 20070119T110000 timezone America/New_York DateTime Recurrence DateTime::Set=HASH(0x8ecf870) Min Date 2007-01-19T11:00:00 timezone DateTime::TimeZone::Floating=HASH(0x8ecf564) Max Date inf timezone DateTime::TimeZone::Floating=HASH(0x873e9d4) Next Start 2007-05-04T11:00:00 timezone DateTime::TimeZone::UTC=HASH(0x83acb34) Next End 2007-05-04T11:00:00 timezone DateTime::TimeZone::UTC=HASH(0x83acb34) Thanks for any help, ----Scott.
Subject: gctest2
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Here is the same code with proper line endings and a text/plain MIME type, which might make it easier to see.
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#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; use Net::Google::Calendar; use Data::Dumper; use DateTime::Format::ICal; use Data::ICal::DateTime; use DateTime; use constant CALURL => ''; use constant CALUSER => 'google_user'; use constant CALPASS => 'google_pass'; my $now = DateTime->now(); my $cal = Net::Google::Calendar->new(url => CALURL) or die "Couldn't create calendar"; $cal->login(CALUSER,CALPASS) or die "Couldn't log in"; my @mycals = $cal->get_calendars() or die "Couldn't get my calendars\n"; foreach my $c (@mycals) { $cal->set_calendar($c); foreach my $e ($cal->get_events()) { if (my $recur = $e->recurrence) { print "\nEvent ",$e->title,"\n"; my($start,$end); print "ICal Recurrence $recur, starting ",$recur->properties->{dtstart}[0]->value," timezone ",$recur->properties->{dtstart}->[0]->parameters->{TZID},"\n"; # print Dumper $recur; my $recur2 = $recur->recurrence; print "DateTime Recurrence $recur2\n"; print "Min Date ",$recur2->min," timezone ",$recur2->min->time_zone,"\n"; print "Max Date ",$recur2->max," timezone ",$recur2->max->time_zone,"\n"; if ($start = $recur2->next($now)) { print "Next Start ",$start," timezone ",$start->time_zone,"\n"; $end = $start->clone; if (my $dur = $recur->duration) { print "Duration $dur\n"; $end->add($dur); } print "Next End ",$end," timezone ",$end->time_zone,"\n"; } else { print "\t\t\tnever.\n"; next; } } } }
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I think this is an underlying problem with Data::ICal::DateTime and I can't see a quick fix. I'm going to have to work on it some more. Sorry.

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