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Id: 26184
Status: resolved
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Queue: CGI

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Severity: Normal
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Subject: CGI::Util::escape vs. %uXXXX
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I've already sent you this bug report and patch as Message-Id: <> but the patch got somewhat garbled so I am repeating this via RT. LDS, Hi. This is Dan. Long time no see. Now I am in the middle of the post-YAPC::Asia::2007 hackerthon. I found that the way handles %uXXXX notation is wrong in two ways. 1. UTF-8 flags. Should be off (like %XX) but the current implementation leaves it on. 2. Surrogate pair. Perl 5.8.x now officially outlaws chr($ord) where $ord is whichever half of the surrogate pair. Because of that. %u just fails when the source string contains the escaped surrogate pair. % perl -MCGI -le 'print CGI->new->param("q")' q=%u0061%u5F3E Wide character in print at -e line 1. a弾 % perl -MCGI -le 'print CGI->new->param("q")' q=%u0061%u5F3E%uD869%uDEB2 My patch below fix that. % perl -Mblib -MCGI -le 'print CGI->new->param("q")' q=%u0061%u5F3E%uD869%uDEB2 a弾𪚲 Yours, Dan the Faithful User of
Subject: cgi-util.pat
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Thanks for the patch. It appears it has applied prior to 3.43.

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