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Subject: how do I get beyond that dammned meta="Refresh" page ??
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 14:28:18 +0100
To: bug-WWW-Mechanize [...]
From: "Carl A. Schreiber" <gooly [...]>
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Hi, I want to login somewhere to get the state of my account. The address of this acct.-page is just I use WWW::Mechanize, but I end up at a page with <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;url=index.php?part=menu&justloggedin=true"> Now I either loose the session, or I just reload exatly this page. How, the hell, can I go beyond this page, which shows I am successfully logged in use WWW::Mechanize; my $m = WWW::Mechanize->new( agent => 'Linux Konqueror' ); $m->get( $url ); $r = $m->success or die "Can't get this url $url\n\n"; # login-Page is loaded .. my $r = $m->submit_form( fields => { $user => $uNme, $pwd => $pPwd } ); die "Couldn't submit form" unless $r->is_success; # Login was successfull here !! print $r->content # prints this #<html><head> #<meta http-equiv="Refresh" #content="0;url=index.php?part=menu&justloggedin=true"> #</head><body><a #href="index.php?part=menu&justloggedin=true"></a></body></html> If I do one of these I loose the session (need to re-login): $m->follow_link(n=>0); $m->follow_link(n=>1); If I try to create the url by my self by Step 1: print join('; ',@{${$m->links()}[0]}),"\n\n"; print join('; ',@{${$m->links()}[1]}),"\n"; this gives me: index.php?part=menu&justloggedin=true; ; ; meta; https://myaccount.ser; HASH(0x864c5f8) index.php?part=menu&justloggedin=true; ; ; a; https://myaccount.server; HASH(0x86168bc) So I just try: $m->get( '' ) and the session is lost => re-login And even what I have found on Active bugs for WWW-Mechanize ( print $m->response->request->uri; shows: and that: $m->get ( $m->response->request->uri ); only reloads the first login-form and not what I want. If I do a reload after submitting the form, $m->reload(); it just reloads the meta="Refresh.. page. Anybody with an idea how I can get beyond this "meta-page"? Thanks a lot in advance; Carl
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RT is for bugs, not general support. The address of the META REFRESH should be available to you in the $mech->links() method. Any other questions, please refer them to the libwww list at

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