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Id: 2170
Status: resolved
Priority: 0/
Queue: CGI

Owner: LDS [...]

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Subject: perl -MCGI::Carp -e"die CGI::Carp->VERSION" behaviour change
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I don't know why the following change happened in CGI::Carp $main::SIG{__WARN__}=\&CGI::Carp::warn; -$main::SIG{__DIE__}=\&CGI::Carp::die; -$CGI::Carp::VERSION = '1.23'; +*CORE::GLOBAL::die = \&CGI::Carp::die; +$CGI::Carp::VERSION = '1.24'; $CGI::Carp::CUSTOM_MSG = undef; but it makes perl -MCGI::Carp -e"die CGI::Carp->VERSION" die with [Sun Mar 2 07:14:10 2003] -e: CGI::Carp at -e line 1. instead of [Sun Mar 2 07:18:59 2003] -e: 1.23 at -e line 1. If you're gonna do that, you might as well *also* turn $main::SIG{__WARN__}=\&CGI::Carp::warn; into *CORE::GLOBAL::warn = \&CGI::Carp::warn; I could see no reason for the change to occur in the first place, so you might wanna change it back, or bring warn up to speed. cheers

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