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This queue is for tickets about the WebService-GoogleMaps CPAN distribution.

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Id: 21197
Status: open
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Queue: WebService-GoogleMaps

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Severity: Critical
Broken in: 0.07
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: 404 Not Found
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text/plain 1.1k
Looks like an excellent module, but it did not work for me :( The first example (see below) gives me an "Error: 404 Not Found" I guess the Google API URL has changed...? ---------------- use WebService::GoogleMaps; # Set up a new object with a viewport of 640 x 480 pixels my $gmap = WebService::GoogleMaps->new( 640, 480 ); # Specify a location to view $gmap->set( latitude => 40.750275, longitude => -73.993034, zoom_level => 4, # valid values are 0..14, lower value is more zoomed cache_dir => "/tmp", # optional, but recommended! Helps speed up future requests pan_x => 0, # move viewport to the east (+) or west (-) a number of pixels pan_y => 0, # move viewport to the south (+) or north (-) a number of pixels ); # create a GD object containing our bitmapped map object $gmap->generate_gd(); # or simply # $gmap->generate_gd(40.750275, -73.993034, 4); # latitude, longitude, zoom_level my $error = $gmap->error(); $error && print "Error: $error\n"; open (FH, ">", "mymap.png"); binmode FH; print FH $gmap->{gd}->png; close(FH);
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This module no longer works with Google Maps. I do not plan to fix it at this time. I developed this module while Google Maps was in beta before Google developed its API. There have been many significant changes to Google Maps since then and this module would need many changes in order to work again with that data. However, with Google's introduction of the Google Maps API, there is no longer much need for this module. Nate Mueller has written HTML::GoogleMaps which is a great way to generate Google Maps API code in Perl. This may help you use the Google Maps API. I'm also reluctant to further development on this module in respect to Google's TOS for Google Maps. I hope you'll be able to use HTML::GoogleMaps and the Google Maps API for your Google Maps development. Thanks. --Karl.
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FYI: The Google Static Maps API can be used to do something similar to what this module was once able to do.

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