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Subject: Improvements to initial configuration
Hi! I have a couple of suggestions for the config initialization bit (o conf init)... * Ask if terminal expects UTF-8, and set default to "no" (Instead of the reverse.) - We'd like more people to use UTF-8, right? * The CPAN build and cache directory should be able to be set to something like "~/.cpan". This is to give other users on a system the possibility to configure their own without having to hack around a global setting that points to directories only root can access (e.g. /root/.cpan) - We'd like more users to become familiar with CPAN, right? * Maybe start recommending people to prefer MB instead of EUMM for module installation? * During the check for external programs, check also for sudo(1), and if it is installed make sure that "make install" and "Build install" recommendations include the use of sudo (e.g. "/path/to/sudo Build install"). * When chosing which mirror to use, that one can have the option to skip selecting continents/countries and directly add an URL instead (e.g. file:///opt/CPAN or Hope these suggestions are useful! :-) - Salve J. Nilsen
On Man. 06. Mar. 2006 09:44:03, guest wrote:
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> Hi! > > I have a couple of suggestions for the config initialization bit (o conf > init)...
* When "Parameters for the 'perl Build.PL' command?" are asked for, give an example that mirrors the EUMM example, e.g. "--install_base ~/perl" instead of "--install_base /home/xxx". (consistency in examples is good)
It's embarrassing how many of your suggestions still have not got proper treatment. Things have improved but this ticket will have to wait until after 1.90 is released (I leave it open). Sorry for that. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming release nonetheless. Release candidate is now 1.88_79. Thanks,

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