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Subject: The header subroutine in uses a MIME type whitelist that's not up to date, and shouldn't exist at all
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text/plain 1.3k
The header subroutine in uses a MIME type whitelist that's not up to date, and shouldn't exist at all. This problem exists in 3.15 and probably most if not all earlier revisions (although I haven't checked). The attached patch fixes the issue by removing the whitelist which I think shouldn't exist at all, it should be up to the programmer what MIME type / character set combinations he wants to send. I reported this issue via email as instructed in the documentation[1] on 2005-07-18, as of 2005-12-27 I've recived no reply from the author, nor has the issue been fixed. The module probably needs a new maintainer or an update to its documentation explaining where to file bugs. Test CGI script for the issue: """ #!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; use CGI; my $cgi = new CGI; # This works because !^text/! is whitelisted (sends Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8) print $cgi->header( -type => 'text/html', -charset => 'UTF-8' ); # This doesn't work as expected (just sends Content-Type: application/xhtml+xml) print $cgi->header( -type => 'application/xhtml+xml', -charset => 'UTF-8' ); # This is a workaround for the issue (sends Content-Type: application/xhtml+xml; charset=UTF-8)% print $cgi->header( -type => 'application/xhtml+xml; charset=UTF-8' ); """ == Footnotes == * 1:
text/x-diff 502b
--- 2005-12-27 18:07:22.000000000 +0000 +++ 2005-12-27 18:08:12.000000000 +0000 @@ -1433,7 +1433,7 @@ } $type ||= 'text/html' unless defined($type); - $type .= "; charset=$charset" if $type ne '' and $type =~ m!^text/! and $type !~ /\bcharset\b/ and $charset ne ''; + $type .= "; charset=$charset" if $type ne '' and $type !~ /\bcharset\b/ and $charset ne ''; # Maybe future compatibility. Maybe not. my $protocol = $ENV{SERVER_PROTOCOL} || 'HTTP/1.0';
Will be fixed in version 3.16.

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