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Subject: decode() runs into "-e: semi-panic: attempt to dup freed string"
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2021 04:39:07 -0500
Hi, this is initially a plea to help me to analyze my problem further, as at the moment I cannot systematically reproduce this behaviour. The code, which in my case runs into this problem from time to time is in condensed form: ``` use LWP::Simple; use JSON; my $WellKnown = get(''); if ( $WellKnown ) { my $JSONObject = JSON->new(); $JSONObject->allow_nonref(1); my $Result; eval { $Result = $JSONObject->decode( $WellKnown ) }; } ``` This is in reality spread over two modules (I programmed a module for OTRS, which has a wrapper around the JSON library) and runs on an Ubuntu 20.04 with apache and mod_perl. For this reason initially the version 2.94 of JSON was used, together with JSON::XS 4.02. Trying whether it helps I first installed JSON::XS 4.03, and then additionally the current versions of JSON and JSON::PP (4.03 and 4.06 - the latter might be unimportant, but I saw that some Boolean stuff is handled differently). The program does not always run into this error (I would say between 10% and 50% of the time), but I have the feeling that it happens in phases. Some kind of state of the server or the loaded libraries might be involved. Interestingly so far executing this via a simple shell script hadn't had this outcome - this can at most be taken as indication of something, though, I only tried a couple of times. At the moment I'm trying a downgrade to JSON::XS 3.04 (and JSON 2.94), as it ran in this combination on Ubuntu 18.04 for roughly a year now, without any error. I will update this issue when it either occured, or didn't occur for a day. I would be grateful for any hint on what I could try to tackle this down. Searching for "-e: semi-panic: attempt to dup freed string" didn't result in much helpful information for me, only that newSVsv() tried to duplicate a freed string on - this does not help me much, though, unfortunately. Thanks, Sven P.S.: The JSON string in $WellKnown is the same, for when it works, and when it doesn't work, btw. Currently it's: ``` {"token_endpoint":"","token_endpoint_auth_methods_supported":["client_secret_post","private_key_jwt","client_secret_basic"],"jwks_uri":" ry/keys","response_modes_supported":["query","fragment","form_post"],"subject_types_supported":["pairwise"],"id_token_signing_alg_values_supported":["RS256"],"response_types_supported":["code","id_token","code id_token","token id_token"," token"],"scopes_supported":["openid"],"issuer":"{tenantid}/","microsoft_multi_refresh_token":true,"authorization_endpoint":"","device_authorization_endpoint" :"","http_logout_supported":true,"frontchannel_logout_supported":true,"end_session_endpoint":"","claims_supported":["sub","iss ","cloud_instance_name","cloud_instance_host_name","cloud_graph_host_name","msgraph_host","aud","exp","iat","auth_time","acr","amr","nonce","email","given_name","family_name","nickname"],"check_session_iframe":"https://login.microsoftonli","userinfo_endpoint":"","tenant_region_scope":null,"cloud_instance_name":"","cloud_graph_host_name":"","msgraph_ host":"","rbac_url":""} ```
Am Mi 10. Mär 04:39:08 2021, schrieb:
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> At the moment I'm trying a downgrade to JSON::XS 3.04 (and JSON 2.94) [...]
The error did not occur for a little more than a day now, which makes me confident to assume that it was fixed by the downgrade. I will keep an eye on this over the next days and update this issue, if it should occur at a later time point.
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> P.S.: The JSON string in $WellKnown [...]
...has some linebreaks in the OP, which came from copying. They are not actually present.

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