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Subject: Develop strategies in targeted market
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2019 22:50:17 -0700


I’m an expert in search marketing with more than ten years of experience in working with multiple domains and Industries.

Google trend analysis suggests sixty percent of online visitor’s pop out within few seconds if they don't find anything persuasive. Chances are fairly high that they land on your competitor’s website, which is quite frustrating.

It’s easy to walk in to any website and suggest these are the errors or Issues. However what brings in to fix them, is what counts the most.

Here again I’m not going tell you what you have or don’t. Rather I’ll make it a simple reality check with what works best and entails many website to garner success out of these marketing efforts.

Every website is unique and hopefully the circumstances are also different when it comes to engaging it with marketing mix. My takeaways for such vulnerability goes as following:

Making website technically correct as per latest search standard by eliminating errors that block indexing.

Measuring all channels or platforms that contributes for competitor success, should be a scale for planning, though not limited to only influencing factors.

The best way to deal with potential issue of back links is to respect the context and content. Again to understand that more you need to read through your search console.

Finally implementing tools that measures campaign effectiveness is integral to any such promotion campaign.

There are tons of specific issues that you could need assistance with, but all of this boils down to problems that presumably needs resolution. Being a professional with a team of certified experts I can assure you of measured outcomes.

Please reply me back for more information on prices and references with a full audit report to resolve.



Patsy Ortiz


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