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Subject: "Latest version only" not reporting latest version
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2018 14:02:45 -0500
From: James E Keenan <>
(I may have mentioned this previously via email or on #smoke. As the problem persists, I'm creating an RT for it.) On there is a drop-down list labelled "Perl version:". The *default* setting for this list is "Latest version only". If you select "All versions" from that list, you get the results expected. For instance, if you select "openbsd" for the "OS version" drop-down and select "All versions", you will, as of this moment, see listings for about 20 smoke test reports for perl-5.29.4 on OpenBSD. If, however, you select "Latest version only" from the "Perl version:" drop-down, you do *not* get the latest version, i.e., you do not get perl-5.29.4. Instead, the list cuts off on Aug 20 2018 and reports only on perl-5.29.1 -- which would have been superseded on Aug 20 by perl-5.29.2. Hence, something is keeping "Latest version only" stuck on perl-5.29.1. Now, there's one additional data point which may be useful to you in debugging this problem. If you select "freebsd" as the "OS name" and "Latest version only" you similarly only get smoke test reports about perl-5.29.1 up through Aug 20 2018 -- with one exception. Two days ago (Nov 14), I was, as you know, evaluating Test-Smoke-1.72_06. As part of that I ran a smoke test where, for the first time, I entered a particular SHA in smokecurrent.gitbranch rather than the name of a branch. ##### $ cat rtc-125932/install/smokecurrent.gitbranch maint-5.28 maint-5.26 blead d3bb03e0842cd3214922ab134a48314ee3fe2077 blead ##### That generated this report: (The test failures in that report are not relevant to this ticket.) This report does appear on when you select "freebsd" and "Latest version only", even though the branch is (as is not surprising) "undefined" and even though the Smoke date was well after Aug 21. This suggests that the bug with "Latest version only" is more associated with the version (in this case, perl-5.29.1) rather than the date on which the smoke test is run. I hope you can diagnose and fix this soon. In our Nov 07 talk to NYC BSD User group and, I repeatedly referred to your web site. But anyone new user of the site is going to be confused as to why, by default, the "latest versions" being reported on are from at best 3 months ago. Thank you very much. Jim Keenan

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