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Subject: Permit HTTP calls with search conditions in URL
This is a feature request for the interface at Summary: Enable users to construct HTTP calls to include search conditions in the URL. Current State: People who, like myself, make heavy use of the Search capabilities of the CoreSmoke DB have to manually construct the searches via a series of drop-down boxes -- and AFAICT have no way of saving those searches for future use. Today, for example, I noticed at Tony Cook's that Perl 5 blead was failing to compile on NetBSD 8.0 using g++ as the compiler. This was not entirely surprising, since until Carlos Guevara recently installed a NetBSD 8.0 smoke-testing rig, we had no information whatsoever on this OS/OS-version/C-compiler combination. To look at all the reports for this 3-way combination, I went to and had to enter data in 3 separate drop-down boxes (see screenshot attached). Normally, my next step would be to go to perl5-porters (either mailing list or IRC) and ask if anyone could debug this build failure. To do so, rather than having to coach someone through those 3 drop-down boxes, I'd rather give them a URL which would make the API call directly -- as I presume that the website is doing behind the scenes. Something along the lines of: (an API call which *currently* returns the main Search page :-) ) When someone has fixed the problem and pushed a branch for smoking, I could simply re-call that URL in my browser to verify the results. Two additional notes: 1. I have several other RT tickets open for Test-Smoke. Given that this one is a feature request, I would ask that you prioritize the other tickets. 2. My impression is that the source code for is not public. If I'm wrong and if this feature request should be filed elsewhere, please redirect me. Thank you very much. Jim Keenan

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