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Id: 127013
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Queue: ExtUtils-MakeMaker

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Subject: ld: warning: object file (test.o) was built for newer OSX version (10.13) than being linked (10.5)
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2018 16:05:44 -0500
To: bug-ExtUtils-MakeMaker [...]
From: Jeff Holt <jeff.holt [...]>
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SUMMARY It looks like ExtUtils::MakeMaker version 7.34 is not completely interrogating the perl Config to determine all of the proper options to add to gcc. The resulting default make is building for the current OS version. Instead, what it should be doing, when the compiler has the feature that allows it to build for a particular version of the OS, then it should abide according to how the perl was configured. In my case, my perl was compiled for macOS 10.5 compatibility. I should be able to distribute a module built for this perl on any macOS system that is 10.5 or newer and with which the perl can be installed. If I were to bundle my built module with the perl and give it to someone on 10.9, then they could (will?) have a problem. Specifically, what should be happening is that the following option should be given to all the gcc commands executed in the make: -mmacosx-version-min=10.5' but the ld command is the only command that gets that option. DETAILS Below is the output of the following script, with some whitespace added between command executions. perl -MExtUtils::MakeMaker -e 'print $ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION'; cat Makefile.PL cat test.xs perl Makefile.PL make perl -v uname -a gcc --version perl -V $ perl -MExtUtils::MakeMaker -e 'print $ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION'; 7.34 $ cat Makefile.PL use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; WriteMakefile(NAME=>'test', VERSION=>'0.15'); $ cat test.xs #include "EXTERN.h" #include "perl.h" #include "XSUB.h" MODULE = test PACKAGE = test void testf() PROTOTYPE: DISABLE PREINIT: int something = 0; CODE: something = 1; $ perl Makefile.PL Generating a Unix-style Makefile Writing Makefile for test Writing MYMETA.yml and MYMETA.json $ make Running Mkbootstrap for test () chmod 644 "" "/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/bin/perl-dynamic" -MExtUtils::Command::MM -e 'cp_nonempty' -- blib/arch/auto/test/ 644 "/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/bin/perl-dynamic" "/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib/ExtUtils/xsubpp" -typemap '/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib/ExtUtils/typemap' test.xs > test.xsc mv test.xsc test.c /Applications/ -c -fno-common -DPERL_DARWIN -no-cpp-precomp -arch x86_64 -DUSE_SITECUSTOMIZE -DPERL_RELOCATABLE_INCPUSH -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -fstack-protector -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.15\" -DXS_VERSION=\"0.15\" "-I/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib/CORE" test.c In file included from test.xs:2: In file included from /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib/CORE/perl.h:5199: /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib/CORE/inline.h:311:9: warning: nonnull parameter 'pv' will evaluate to 'true' on first encounter [-Wpointer-bool-conversion] if (pv && len > 1) { ^~ ~~ /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib/CORE/proto.h:1792:4: note: declared 'nonnull' here __attribute__nonnull__(pTHX_1) ^ /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib/CORE/perl.h:3100:60: note: expanded from macro '__attribute__nonnull__' # define __attribute__nonnull__(a) __attribute__((nonnull(a))) ^ 1 warning generated. rm -f blib/arch/auto/test/test.bundle gcc -mmacosx-version-min=10.5 -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup -Wl,-search_paths_first -arch x86_64 -fstack-protector test.o -o blib/arch/auto/test/test.bundle \ \ ld: warning: object file (test.o) was built for newer OSX version (10.13) than being linked (10.5) chmod 755 blib/arch/auto/test/test.bundle $ perl -v This is perl 5, version 20, subversion 2 (v5.20.2) built for darwin-thread-multi-2level (with 1 registered patch, see perl -V for more detail) Copyright 1987-2015, Larry Wall Binary build 2001 [298913] provided by ActiveState Built Mar 19 2015 15:36:06 Perl may be copied only under the terms of either the Artistic License or the GNU General Public License, which may be found in the Perl 5 source kit. Complete documentation for Perl, including FAQ lists, should be found on this system using "man perl" or "perldoc perl". If you have access to the Internet, point your browser at, the Perl Home Page. $ uname -a Darwin MacBook-Pro 17.7.0 Darwin Kernel Version 17.7.0: Fri Jul 6 19:54:51 PDT 2018; root:xnu-4570.71.3~2/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64 $ gcc --version Configured with: --prefix=/Applications/ --with-gxx-include-dir=/usr/include/c++/4.2.1 Apple LLVM version 9.1.0 (clang-902.0.39.2) Target: x86_64-apple-darwin17.7.0 Thread model: posix InstalledDir: /Applications/ $ perl -V Summary of my perl5 (revision 5 version 20 subversion 2) configuration: Platform: osname=darwin, osvers=10.8.0, archname=darwin-thread-multi-2level uname='darwin neko 10.8.0 darwin kernel version 10.8.0: tue jun 7 16:33:36 pdt 2011; root:xnu-1504.15.3~1release_i386 i386 ' config_args='-ders -Dcc=gcc -Dusethreads -Duseithreads -Uinstallusrbinperl -Ulocincpth= -Uloclibpth= -Duse64bitint -Ud_poll -Ui_poll -Ui_libutil -Aldflags=-Wl,-search_paths_first -Alddlflags=-Wl,-search_paths_first -Accflags=-arch x86_64 -Aldflags=-arch x86_64 -Alddlflags=-arch x86_64 -Accflags=-DUSE_SITECUSTOMIZE -Duselargefiles -Accflags=-DPERL_RELOCATABLE_INCPUSH -Accflags=-fno-merge-constants -Dprefix=/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20 -Dprivlib=/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib -Darchlib=/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib -Dsiteprefix=/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/site -Dsitelib=/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/site/lib -Dsitearch=/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/site/lib -Dsed=/usr/bin/sed -Duseshrplib -Dcf_by=ActiveState' hint=recommended, useposix=true, d_sigaction=define useithreads=define, usemultiplicity=define use64bitint=define, use64bitall=define, uselongdouble=undef usemymalloc=n, bincompat5005=undef Compiler: cc='/Applications/', ccflags ='-fno-common -DPERL_DARWIN -no-cpp-precomp -arch x86_64 -DUSE_SITECUSTOMIZE -DPERL_RELOCATABLE_INCPUSH -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -fstack-protector', optimize='-O3', cppflags='-no-cpp-precomp -fno-common -DPERL_DARWIN -no-cpp-precomp -arch x86_64 -DUSE_SITECUSTOMIZE -DPERL_RELOCATABLE_INCPUSH -fno-merge-constants -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -fstack-protector' ccversion='', gccversion='Apple LLVM version 9.1.0 (clang-902.0.39.2)', gccosandvers='' intsize=4, longsize=8, ptrsize=8, doublesize=8, byteorder=12345678 d_longlong=define, longlongsize=8, d_longdbl=define, longdblsize=16 ivtype='long', ivsize=8, nvtype='double', nvsize=8, Off_t='off_t', lseeksize=8 alignbytes=8, prototype=define Linker and Libraries: ld='gcc -mmacosx-version-min=10.5', ldflags =' -Wl,-search_paths_first -arch x86_64 -fstack-protector' libpth=/usr/lib libs=-ldbm -ldl -lm -lutil -lc perllibs=-ldl -lm -lutil -lc libc=, so=dylib, useshrplib=true, libperl=libperl.dylib gnulibc_version='' Dynamic Linking: dlsrc=dl_dlopen.xs, dlext=bundle, d_dlsymun=undef, ccdlflags=' ' cccdlflags=' ', lddlflags=' -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup -Wl,-search_paths_first -arch x86_64 -fstack-protector' Characteristics of this binary (from libperl): Compile-time options: HAS_TIMES MULTIPLICITY PERLIO_LAYERS PERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV PERL_HASH_FUNC_ONE_AT_A_TIME_HARD PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT PERL_MALLOC_WRAP PERL_NEW_COPY_ON_WRITE PERL_PRESERVE_IVUV PERL_RELOCATABLE_INCPUSH USE_64_BIT_ALL USE_64_BIT_INT USE_ITHREADS USE_LARGE_FILES USE_LOCALE USE_LOCALE_COLLATE USE_LOCALE_CTYPE USE_LOCALE_NUMERIC USE_PERLIO USE_PERL_ATOF USE_REENTRANT_API USE_SITECUSTOMIZE Locally applied patches: ActivePerl Build 2001 [298913] Built under darwin Compiled at Mar 19 2015 15:36:06 %ENV: PERL5LIB="/Users/jholt/Source/mrprof/src/perlmods:/Users/jholt/Source/mrprof/src" PERL_HOME="/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20" @INC: /Users/jholt/Source/mrprof/src/perlmods /Users/jholt/Source/mrprof/src /Users/jholt/Library/ActivePerl-5.20/lib /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/site/lib /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.20/lib .

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