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Subject: format_price ignores NEG_FORMAT
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format_price doesn't take NEG_FORMAT into account when formatting negative numbers, unlike format_number. For instance, if trying to use parens to denote negative prices in the accounting style, format_price just uses the locale's negative number style, regardless of NEG_FORMAT: $ perl -MNumber::Format -wE '$f = Number::Format->new(neg_format => q[(x)]); say $f->format_number(-123); say $f->format_price(-123, undef, q[$])' (123) -$123.00 The docs for NEG_FORMAT claim that format_price uses format_negative, to apply NEG_FORMAT, to negative numbers: NEG_FORMAT is only used by format_negative() and is a string containing the letter 'x', where that letter will be replaced by a positive representation of the number being passed to that function. format_number() and format_price() utilize this feature by calling format_negative() if the number was less than 0. Unfortunately that does't seem to be the case. Actually format_price always invokes format_number on the absolute number, then uses its own logic to add the sign in the correct place relative to the currency symbol, based on locale settings, with n_sign_posn == 0 being the trigger for parens around negative numbers. And it turns out all locale parameters can be supplied as constructor arguments. So parens around negative prices can be achieved with: $ perl -MNumber::Format -wE '$f = Number::Format->new(n_sign_posn => 0); say $f->format_number(-123); say $f->format_price(-123, undef, q[$])' -123 ($123.00) But I couldn't see n_sign_posn documented anywhere as a valid argument to pass to ->new. And even if this is supported, it's an obscure way of specifying the desired behaviour, completely unintuitive to somebody reading the code. Also, see that n_sign_posn only affects format_price and not format_number. To have a formatter object that uses parens for both numbers and prices you have to set both neg_format and n_sign_pos: $ perl -MNumber::Format -wE '$f = Number::Format->new(neg_format => q[(x)], n_sign_posn => 0); say $f->format_number(-123); say $f->format_price(-123, undef, q[$])' (123) ($123.00) Please can we have a way of specifying accounting-style negative numbers that works for both numbers and prices? Thanks.

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