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Subject: No way to analyze errors during sending of report
Today I tried out cpanm-reporter for the first time. I installed it with 'cpanm' -- so naturally the first report I attempted to send was for App-cpanm-reporter itself. When I did so, I got a message saying that the sending of the report for one distro had at first failed: ##### $ cpanm-reporter sending: (, RJBS, Data-UUID-1.221, PASS) Error while sending this report, continuing with the next one... sending: (, RJBS, Data-GUID-0.049, PASS) sending: (, DAGOLDEN, IO-Prompt-Tiny-0.003, PASS) ... sending: (, GARU, CPAN-Testers-Common-Client-0.13, PASS) sending: (, GARU, App-cpanminus-reporter-0.17, PASS) ##### So it appears that the module corrected the error. But, I wondered, what if it had not corrected the error; how would I have found out what the error was? I dug into the code and found this in make_report(): ##### 454 try { 455 $reporter->send() || die $reporter->errstr(); 456 } 457 catch { 458 print "Error while sending this report, continuing with the next one...\n" unless $self->quiet; 459 print "DEBUG: @_" if $self->verbose; 460 } finally{ 461 $client->record_history unless $self->skip_history; 462 }; ##### So it appears that I would have gotten debugging output only if I had thought to use '--verbose' on the command-line in the first place! A more experienced user might have remembered to do that, but not a first-timer. So I don't know what the error actually was. Thank you very much. Jim Keenan

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