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Subject: Upgraded perl-string handling is surprising ( the API does not warn, and the docs do not discuss it )
Consider the output of the following simple one-liner: perl -e ' use warnings; use strict; use Math::GMPz; my $gmpz = Math::GMPz::Rmpz_init2_nobless(8); my $byte = "\xff"; for my $up ( 0, 1, 0, 1, 0 ) { $up ? utf8::upgrade($byte) : utf8::downgrade($byte) ; Math::GMPz::Rmpz_import( $gmpz, length( $byte ), 1, 1, 0, 0, $byte, ); warn Math::GMPz::Rmpz_get_str( $gmpz, 16 ); } ' My main surprise came from the fact that the documentation did not discuss this eventuality at all, so I assumed I do not need to guard against it. Then weeks later one of my inputs suffered a change causing implicit upgrades, and nothing made sense afterwards. I am not sure whether the fix should be in doc, in code, or both. I am only reporting the confusing behavior.
Apologies for taking over 3 years to notice this. In the demo, I'm seeing $gmpz set to 0xc3 after each utf8::upgrade($byte), and to 0xff after each utf8::downgrade. This matches my expectations - but probably only because I expect GMP's mpz_export() to read in, byte by byte, the actual data contained in the string that was passed to it. I've just pushed to the math-gmpz github repo a new version of GMPz.pod that notes (in the Rmpz_import documentation): NOTE: The actual data contained in $bstr is read in, byte by byte. Hence, eg., a string containing any non-ASCII characters will therefore assign a different value to $rop if a utf8::upgrade($bstr) has been done. I've also added some tests in t/imp_exp.t to check that Rmpz_import is behaving the way I expect. I'll close this ticket now. However, do feel welcome to comment and reopen it - especially if I've missed something. I don't personally do anything with utf8 at all, and it took me a few minutes to work out just what was going on, and what the mindset should be. I certainly don't rule out the possibility that I've got something wrong. AFAICT, if one wants Rmpz_import to produce the same result irrespective of utf8::upgrade(), then one needs to perform a utf8::downgrade() of the string before passing it to Rmpz_import(). Of course, if all of the bytes are less than or equal to 0x7f, then there's no need to do anything. Cheers, Rob

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