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Id: 122582
Status: open
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Queue: Scalar-List-Utils

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Requestors: zefram [...]

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Subject: dualvar doesn't capture numeric value
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017 10:11:34 +0100
To: bug-Scalar-List-Utils [...]
From: Zefram <zefram [...]>
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$ perl5.26.0 -MConfig -lwe 'print "$Config{ivsize} $Config{nvsize}"' 8 8 $ perl5.26.0 -MScalar::Util=dualvar -lwe '$a = "4611686018427387915"; print $a - (1<<62); print dualvar($a, "foo") - (1<<62)' 11 0 In this and many related cases, dualvar() fails to accurately copy the numeric value of its numeric input into its output. In this case, it's assuming that because $a has a PV its numeric value must arise only through NV semantics. That used to be the case in Perl 5.6 outside the scope of "use integer", but hasn't been true of Perl's default arithmetic from 5.8 onwards, and even in 5.6 wasn't true if "use integer" got involved. Beware of funny cases that change behaviour between Perl versions, like this: $ perl5.12.0 -lwe '$a = "-0"; printf "%+.f%+.f\n", -$a, - - - -$a' +0-0 $ perl5.16.0 -lwe '$a = "-0"; printf "%+.f%+.f\n", -$a, - - - -$a' -0+0 $ perl5.26.0 -lwe '$a = "-0"; printf "%+.f%+.f\n", -$a, - - - -$a' +0+0 The big changes in numeric semantics occur at Perl versions 5.7.1, 5.13.6, and 5.17.1. From Perl 5.13.6 onwards, "-0" and a couple of others are actually so weird that their numeric behaviour cannot be fully captured by a set of IV and NV fields and IOK and NOK flags. dualvar() obviously cannot completely copy these numeric values across losslessly. But the same strings produce normal numeric values on other Perl versions, and dualvar() needs to handle them properly on those versions. -zefram
Subject: Re: [ #122582] dualvar doesn't capture numeric value
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 05:30:06 +0100
To: bug-Scalar-List-Utils [...]
From: Zefram <zefram [...]>
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Addendum: the logic you need to capture the numeric part of a scalar is now available in the XS implementation of scalar_num_part() in Scalar-Number-0.007. (I discovered the dualvar() problem while researching how to update Scalar-Number for recent changes in numeric behaviour.) -zefram
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I have created a really simple fix in this pull request that superficially fixes the first test case. I couldn't figure out how to turn the other parts into tests though.

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