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Subject: Confusion over class vs module
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2016 17:30:28 +0100
To: "" <>
From: Daniel Beardsmore <>
Per the SOAP::Server documentation: "The routines may be useful to understand if an application wishes to subclass SOAP::Server::Parameters and inherit from the new class instead." Upon checking the source, SOAP::Server::Parameters has no constructor and appears to never be instantiated in the first place. The modules that you specify with dispatch_to/dispatch_with are called with the first parameter given as the name of the module as a plain scalar string, instead of a blessed object reference. I was trying to find some way to pass in some callback parameters into the class that is created behind the scenes by this line: SOAP::Transport::HTTP::CGI->dispatch_with({'' => 'SomeSOAPHandlerModule'})->handle; That is, I want the resulting methods to have access to one or more class properties that allow it to have clean access to the "outside world", i.e. break the encapsulation barrier, such a callback method for triggering logging. I was intending to hook into its constructor, or hook some callback, or anything, only to find that when ->handle executes, it simply calls the functions inside SomeSOAPHandlerModule as plain old functions. Take the C2FService example: package C2FService; ..... sub c2f { my $self = shift; ..... } Here, $self isn't an object of class C2FService, but simply a scalar string "C2FService". Looking at the dispatch code (find_target and handle) in SOAP::Lite, I'm not even clear on whether SOAP::Server::Parameters was ever at any point *intended* to be instantiated, as the documentation refers to the modules called by ->handle "module" and "class" variously. SOAP::Server::Parameters is also documented thus: "The class provides two subroutines (not methods)," For this to be true, it would need to be a class and have a constructor or an ISA, and it has neither. Some clean-up and/or rethinking is in order to provide some clarity in terms of using the terms "module" (a namespace), "class" and "object" correctly and consistently and in line with how SOAP::Lite actually functions.

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