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Subject: from_graph feature request
Hi Ton, For the Graph that I'm using I have already generated a unique identifier numbered list (like $num in from_graph) as I need to keep track of vertices as they are added and removed. For this reason I can't have from_graph assign what is left in the list a new number. I was wondering if you would consider the following as a inclusion in a future build? I'm not familiar with XS or Classes within perl so I've just removed that part (do you have an example of how to use it), but here is a sample of code to explain what I mean. #!/usr/bin/perl # Example - Paul Matthews 3/9/05 use strict; use warnings; use Graph; use Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Topology; use Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Monitor::GnuPlot; use Carp; my $debug = 1; #Next unique vertex number my $id_num = 0; sub Get_ID_Num { return $id_num++; } #Make a graph my $g = Graph->new(); #Make some vertices $g->add_vertex("V1"); $g->set_vertex_attribute("V1", "id", Get_ID_Num()); $g->add_vertex("V2"); $g->set_vertex_attribute("V2", "id", Get_ID_Num()); $g->add_vertex("V3"); $g->set_vertex_attribute("V3", "id", Get_ID_Num()); $g->add_vertex("V4"); $g->set_vertex_attribute("V4", "id", Get_ID_Num()); #Make some edges $g->add_edge("V1", "V2"); $g->add_edge("V2", "V3"); $g->add_edge("V3", "V4"); $g->add_edge("V4", "V1"); sub from_graph { my ($graph, %params) = @_; my $attribute = delete $params{id_attribute}; print "attribute : $attribute\n" if $debug; croak "Unknown parameter ", join(", ", keys %params) if %params; my ($num, $f, $t); # Set up a mapping from vertices to numbers my $nr = 0; foreach my $v ( $graph->vertices ) { print "vertex : $v\n" if $debug; $num->{$v} = $graph->get_vertex_attribute($v, $attribute); } $nr = keys %$num; my $topo = Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Topology->new_vertices($nr); foreach my $e ( $graph->edges ) { ($f, $t) = @{$e}; print "edge $f ($num->{$f}) - $t ($num->{$t})\n" if $debug; $topo->add_edge($num->{$f}, $num->{$t}); } $topo->finish; return $topo; } my $topology = from_graph($g, id_attribute => "id"); my $aglo = Graph::Layout::Aesthetic->new($topology); my $monitor = Graph::Layout::Aesthetic::Monitor::GnuPlot->new(); while (1) { $aglo->gloss(monitor => $monitor); } Regards Paul
Hi Paul, I considered your ticket before bringing out a new version, but I decided not to do it. The problem is that currently from_graph basically can't fail, and with your proposed change, whether it works depends on if the externally provided id's are indeed consecutive without holes starting at 0 (that is fundamental to the underlying topology C structure which is a simple array really). The rather special case you have can also simply enough be done by building the Graph::Aesthetic::Topology object yourself exactly because the identifier mapping is so simple.

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