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Subject: Fwd: Errors using <MATCH=[rule]>+ construct
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2016 13:15:21 +0200
From: Felix Kuehnl <>
Hi, I am getting error messages and parsing errors using the <MATCH=[Rule]>+ syntax within my grammar rules. I just started using this really cool module, so I might just use it in a wrong way, but since it fails on a documented example, I think I encountered a bug. Under section "Defining a named grammar", a grammar for a list is given like this (slightly modified to leave out the inheritance feature): use v5.12; use warnings; my $test_grammar = do { use Regexp::Grammars; qr{ <List> <rule: List> <MATCH=[Item]>+ % <Separator> <rule: Item> \S++ <token: Separator> \s* , \s* }xms; }; die "Parsing error" unless "asd" =~ $test_grammar; Executing the code above with Regexp::Grammars 1.045 gives the following output: warn | Repeated subrule <MATCH=[Item]>+ | at /homes/brauerei2/felix/bin/regexp_grammar line 73 | will only capture its final match | (Did you mean <[MATCH=[Item]]>+ instead?) | warn | Possible failed attempt to specify a subrule call: | <MATCH=[Item]> | near /homes/brauerei2/felix/bin/regexp_grammar line 72 | (If you meant to match literally, use: \<MATCH=[Item]>) | and the program dies with error "Parsing error". The problem is the construct <MATCH=[Item]>+ of the List rule. Changing it into: <rule: List> # <MATCH=[Item]>+ % <Separator> # does not work <[Item]>+ % <Separator> <MATCH=(?{ $MATCH{Item} })> . . . fixes the issue and does what I think the original example is supposed to do: directly return the list of matched Items instead of a result hash containing this list under key 'Item'. Now it would be really nice to have the <MATCH=[Item]>+ shortcut, and since it is also officially documented, I wondered why it isn't working? Thanks for your help! Regards, Felix
Subject: Re: [ #117520] Fwd: Errors using <MATCH=[rule]>+ construct
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2016 07:33:29 +1000
From: Damian Conway <>
Hi Felix,

The problem is a documentation bug.

The rule:

          <rule: List>
              <MATCH=[Item]>+ % <Separator>

should be:

          <rule: List>
              <[MATCH=Item]>+ % <Separator>

That is: the [...] goes around the entire subrule invocation
(including any relabelling). Or, to look at it another way,
there are scalar subrule calls <...> and list subrule calls <[...]>

Sorry for the confusion. I've corrected the example in the
documentation for the next release.

Very much appreciated!


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