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Subject: Autocommit off makes async mode useless
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2016 11:27:54 +0200
From: Peter Juhasz <>
Hello, we've run into a rather insidious problem while trying to use DBD::Pg's support for async queries. Setting the AutoCommit attribute false will cause the driver to treat queries as part of an ongoing transaction which must be explicitly committed or rolled back by the user. However, these transactions are started automatically and implicitly by the driver, and this is implemented in DBD::Pg by sending a BEGIN command before the query itself. And the problem is that this BEGIN is sent in a blocking way, with PQexec, whether the query is async or not. So in effect, when there is a network problem or the database response is delayed for any reason, the supposedly asynchronous application will hang on the first query of the transaction. System/version information: DBI 1.633 DBD::Pg 3.5.1 Linux xxx 4.4.6-200.fc22.x86_64 #1 SMP This is perl 5, version 20, subversion 3 (v5.20.3) built for x86_64 -linux-thread-multi best regards, Peter Juhasz
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> And the problem is that this BEGIN is sent in a blocking way, with PQexec
Quite the tricky problem - I am not sure how we can fix this. We cannot send the BEGIN async and return control to the user, as they are expecting the "real" query to be async and not know that they still haven't sent the first one. How would the real query be sent? Wait until the caller agrees to wait for /check the query, then wait for the begin, send the real query, and do the wait again? That's quite a bit of magic-at-a-distance happening there. Open to any solutions anyone has, but it may end up being a disallowed combo, or a strong documentation warning?

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