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Id: 11333
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Subject: Incorrect Content-Length header when posting UTF8 data
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text/plain 1.6k
Using with the following CVS version string:,v 1.63 2001/12/14 19:33:52 gisle Perl version: v5.6.1 built for sun4-solaris OS version: SunOS amsisfds01 5.7 Generic_106541-19 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-80 I believe there is a problem with the following code snippet: --- if (defined($$content_ref) && length($$content_ref)) { $has_content++; if (!defined($clen) || $clen ne length($$content_ref)) { if (defined $clen) { warn "Content-Length header value was wrong, fixed"; hlist_remove(\@h, 'Content-Length'); } push(@h, 'Content-Length' => length($$content_ref)); } } --- This code basically overrides any user-supplied Content-Length header, replacing it with the value returned by length($$content_ref). The problem I am having when using LWP::UserAgent to Post UTF8-encoded data is that my correct Content-Length header value is being "fixed" and replaced by an incorrect value. I believe the incorrect value is generated by perl's "length" function, which in this circumstance is counting characters, not bytes. However the HTTP protocol expects the number of *bytes* being posted (at least the webserver I am posting to does). There doesn't seem to be any way for me to avoid this problem except by actually commenting out the relevant lines of code cited above. The issue with length can be demonstrated with the following code: --- use charnames ':full'; my $utf8_string = "\N{EURO SIGN}1"; print "length = ", length($utf8_string), "\n"; print "bytes = ", scalar(@{[unpack("C*", $utf8_string)]}); --- I think the "bytes::length" pragma would be useful as part of a solution but I haven't been able to write a working patch.
From: SlavikZ
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text/plain 503b
I had similar troubles with sending UTF-8 data with LWP::UserAgent with Content_Type='form-data'. I try to send UTF-8 data with the following line: $res=$ua->request(POST($currURL,\%FormData,Content_Type=>'form-data')); Reciever's script (it use module) die with "Malformed multipart POST" error. Perl version (on the side where LWP::UserAgent was working): 5.6.0. I found the following workaround: I add in top of both HTTP::Request::Common and LWP::Protocol::http packages "use bytes;" pragma.
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text/plain 133b
You need to make sure to add encoded data (bytes) to the request you try to send. Newer version of HTTP::Message will enforce this.

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