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Subject: Silent failure when preloading under mod_perl
If I preload EV in a mod_perl environment, Apache fails to start. Worse, there is no error message indicating the problem lies with EV. ref
Subject: Re: [ #110019] Silent failure when preloading under mod_perl
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2015 09:15:02 +0100
To: Ivan Kohler via RT <>
From: Marc Lehmann <>
Hi! Please send your bug report to the official contact/author address for the module in question (or send it to, that's fine as well). What follows is the rationale for this request, you don't have to read it if you don't care. Why is this necessary? has many deficiencies which makes it tedious and hard to use, increasing the workload on the people who provide all the perl modules you probably appreciate (and that is really to be avoided - module authors should be able to invest all their time into improving their modules and not fighting with's bugs). Still, for some people, is useful to have, and some people even like it and really want to use it. That is fine, too. Unfortunately, the designers of didn't make their "service" optional - you can neither opt-in nor opt-out of as a module author. Just like a spammer, forces its "service" (whether wanted or unwanted) on everybody. Just like a spammer, they don't care for the people they actively hurt. Just like a spammer, they don't don't care to fix these issues and make their "service" ethically acceptable. You cannot even configure it to redirect tickets to somewhere else. Unfortunately, ignoring is not an option either: for people reporting possible bugs there is no indication that their report will be ignored, and for module authors it means they miss potentially vital bug reports such as yours (and of course it's a great impression if has lots of bug reports that are unanswered, making a module look unmaintained when in fact the opposite might be true). I am sorry that this wasted a bit of your time, but please understand that I am just as much a victim as you are - the problem is the unethical stance of the providers who force their "service" on everybody. Please redirect your bug report as stated in the beginning of this mail, and please consider petitioning the providers to stop their unethical behaviour and allow opt-in, opt-out, or some redirect option. One last issue: many people mail me that this can be "fixed" by including the bugtracker element in my module meta file. This is not true: 1. This field only affects and maybe similar services. (Many people confuse with for some reason). 2. It doesn't even work (there are still links to displayed). 3. Even if does no longer display the link, it doesn't actually affect (and tests have shown that people go to regardless) Even *iff* would start listening on the bugtracker field, however, it's still wrong. I have a lot of modules, and each time a service like comes out, I would have to make dummy releases for all my modules. This not only creates a lot of extra work for me (I take releases very seriously) but also users, who would wonder why there is a new release. Thanks a lot, Marc Lehmann <> Last updated: 2012-04-22
On Fri Dec 04 03:15:24 2015, wrote:
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> Hi! > > Please send your bug report to the official contact/author address for the > module in question (or send it to, that's fine as > well).
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> What follows is the rationale for this request, you don't have to > read it if you don't care. > > Why is this necessary?
Mark, it isn't necessary at all, and to be honest, it gives the impression that you are unreasonable and hard to work with. is not a spammer, is not unethical, and myself and most other module authors very much appreciate the service it provides. If you don't want bugs in your modules reported into, instead of sending your form letter rant to every bug reporter individually, you should simply: 1. Specify the bug tracker or reporting address you would prefer instead in your module's metadata: ("I don't want to make a reelase" is a not a reasonable rationale for omitting this in the next release you _make anyway_, nor is a strawman argument about "future services".) 2. List where you would like bugs reported in your POD documentation. Mark, I hope you stop for a second and seriously consider these very reasonable steps to inform people of your preferences before they do something you don't like, instead of scolding them after-the-fact. Thanks for your consideration,
Reopening bug: the problem is still present, and a public bug tracker for users to view the problems others have had and discuss them is still useful even if the author declines to participate. Of course, it would be better if the author would tell us his preferred public bug tracker where he would participate, but that is clearly not going to be the case.
Thank you for abusing by ignoring my express wish, ignoring my reasonable reply, spreading bullshit propaganda, wasting my time and being a fucking troll in general. If that's your idea of getting support, I wish you a short life top spare me and others more of your presence,
MLEHMANN replies:
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> I'm not sure why you report this to me, neither that URL nor anything > else indicates that there is a problem with EV, so I am not sure what > to do? Have you tried contacting a mod_perl support forum or something > similar?
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> Just saw your idiotic reply on - since you expressly go > against my wishes, try hard to act like an asshole, make up stupid lies > and didn't even bother to read my reply properly (which > explains why what you propose doesn't work) and obviously just want to > troll, you will understand that I certainly will not waste any more time > on you. > > If the world had fewer people like you whose only purpose is to waste > other people's time and work against free software it would be a much > better place, so why don't you do everybody a favour and leave the > people who actually *do* useful work in peace? Or kill yourself and rid > the world of one more asshole? > > Sheesh, what's going on in that thing that you use instead of a brain? > > *plonk* > > -- > Marc Lehmann >
(Not engaging in the author's flames and limiting my reply to the technical issue at hand, for the audience of other folks having this problem who might have possible solutions.) On Sat Dec 05 10:36:16 2015, IVAN wrote:
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> MLEHMANN replies: >
> > I'm not sure why you report this to me, neither that URL nor anything > > else indicates that there is a problem with EV,
If you preload EV in a mod_perl environment, it crashes the web server. Every other Perl module among the other hundreds used does not. There is a simple test case in the link. There is a problem with EV in this environment, not mod_perl.
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> so I am not sure what to do?
Ideally, fix the bug in EV which causes Apache/mod_perl to crash when this module is preloaded. Since that seems somewhat unlikely to happen, we could consider workarounds and actions such as trying to limit what depends on the module and thus can trigger the problem.
fucking abuser, get a working brain and stop reopening this bogus bugreport.
Subject: Segfault when preloading under mod_perl
Courtesy of Niko Tyni (thanks!): Apache dies with SIGSEGV, backtrace below. It goes away if libev-perl is built with EV_NO_ATFORK defined, so it's the __register_atfork() call in EV.xs:541 or so that causes it somehow. Presumably the event loop hooking into fork() breaks when it's mod_perl2 doing the forking. Core was generated by `apache2'. Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. #0 0x00007f76efa2ef80 in ?? () (gdb) bt full #0 0x00007f76efa2ef80 in ?? () No symbol table info available. #1 0x00007f76f433f90f in __libc_fork () at ../nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/../fork.c:188 self = <optimized out> now = <optimized out> pid = 0 allp = 0x7ffcdb0b7bd0 runp = <optimized out> ppid = <optimized out> parentpid = <optimized out> __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ = "__libc_fork" #2 0x00007f76f4875585 in apr_proc_detach () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ No symbol table info available. #3 0x00007f76f15b0c1b in prefork_pre_config (p=0x7f76f512f028, plog=<optimized out>, ptemp=<optimized out>) at prefork.c:1376 no_detach = 0 debug = <optimized out> foreground = <optimized out> rv = <optimized out> userdata_key = 0x7f76f15b21fc "mpm_prefork_module" #4 0x0000560f94b449be in ap_run_pre_config (pconf=0x7f76f512f028, plog=0x7f76f50fd028, ptemp=0x7f76f50ff028) at config.c:89 pHook = <optimized out> n = 3 rv = 0 #5 0x0000560f94b22f4b in main (argc=1, argv=0x7ffcdb0b7e28) at main.c:733 c = 0 '\000' showcompile = 0 showdirectives = 0 confname = 0x560f94b66cc2 "apache2.conf" def_server_root = 0x560f94b66cb5 "/etc/apache2" temp_error_log = 0x0 error = <optimized out> process = 0x7f76f5131118 pconf = 0x7f76f512f028 plog = 0x7f76f50fd028 ptemp = 0x7f76f50ff028 pcommands = 0x7f76f510d028 opt = 0x7f76f510d118 rv = <optimized out> mod = 0x560f94d89160 <ap_prelinked_modules+64> opt_arg = 0x7f76f5131028 "(P\023\365v\177" signal_server = <optimized out>

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