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Subject: subs not detected on perl 5.8.5
This test fails on perl 5.8.5, but not 5.8.8 (it returns empty lists for all of uncovered, covered, and naked): use warnings; use strict; use lib 't/lib'; use Test::More; use Test::Deep; use Pod::Coverage; use RegularModule; my $pc = Pod::Coverage->new(package => 'RegularModule'); cmp_deeply( [$pc->uncovered], [qw( bar )], 'uncovered sub is found', ) or diag 'module has: ', explain { uncovered => [ $pc->uncovered ], covered => [ $pc->covered ], naked => [ $pc->naked ], }; done_testing; And the module itself: =head1 BOGUS Foo. =cut package RegularModule; sub bar { } 1;
Also, perl 5.8.6 fails, but perl 5.8.7 is ok. This was found via Pod::Coverage::Moose --
I've discovered a bit more information.. not sure yet where this will lead... (#toolchain, 2015-09-29) 09:41 <@ether> weird. I have a test failure in Pod::Coverage::Moose only up to perl 5.8.7, but when I looked at the matrix, I saw a passing test in 5.8.7, from me, yesterday, on the same system where I also got failures 09:42 <@ether> so I did a diff of two of the reports -- and the only difference is in the failing tests, was 0.03 and was 0.5565; and on the passing tests, was 0.0601 and was 0.63! 09:42 <@ether> performed 45 minutes apart in the same perlbrew. 09:43 <@ether> so this was part of my automated "install lots of things" pass, where PCM was installed as a prereq of something else initially, and then reattempted after updating all dual-life modules 09:43 <@ether> first of all I'm a bit surprised that lib is dual-lifed :) 09:44 <@ether> both if and lib are used in the test that failed.. 09:44 <@ether> so I'm staring at the differences trying to find something relevant 09:45 <@ether> here's the tests --;os=darwin;perl=5.8.7;reports=1 09:45 <+dipsy> urgh. long url. Try 09:45 <+dipsy> [ CPAN Testers Matrix: Pod-Coverage-Moose 0.07 ] 09:45 <@ether> oh and ExtUtils::Install went from 1.54 to 2.04 (not relevant, I think..)

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