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Id: 107129
Status: open
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Queue: SQL-Statement

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Subject: issue with parsing in SQL::Statement
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 19:54:58 +0000
To: "bug-SQL-Statement [...]" <bug-SQL-Statement [...]>
From: "Robertson, Jason V" <jason.v.robertson [...]>
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Hi, When I parse this SQL: my $sql = "SELECT * FROM sometable WHERE pkey='a' AND pk2='b' AND pk3='c' AND (step LIKE '%hello%' OR step LIKE '%xyz%') OR (step = 'asd' OR step2 = 'dasd')"; I get: SQL = SELECT * FROM registry_processcorner WHERE pkey='a' AND pk2='b' AND pk3='c' AND (step LIKE '%hello%' OR step LIKE '%xyz%') OR (step = 'asd' OR step2 = 'dasd') Use of uninitialized value in substitution iterator at /p/coeenv/proj_tools/hdkperlmod/jvrobert_sbox/lib/lib64/site_perl/SQL/ line 1691. Oddly, it works fine if I change my SQL to use lower-case 'and' and 'or'. Looking at the code a bit it looks like it's using " AND " as some sort of marker. I can sort of fix the problem by changing the group_ands function to use " AND " four spaces in front, not one) to mark completion, but this still seems a bit fragile. sub group_ands { my $str = shift; my $and_preds = shift || []; return ( $str, $and_preds ) unless $str =~ / AND / and $str =~ / OR /; return $str, $and_preds unless ( $str =~ /^(.*?) AND (.*)$/i ); my ( $front, $back ) = ( $1, $2 ); my $index = scalar @$and_preds; $front = $1 if ( $front =~ /^.* OR (.*)$/i ); $back = $1 if ( $back =~ /^(.*?) (OR|AND) .*$/i ); my $newpred = "$front AND $back"; push @$and_preds, $newpred; $str =~ s/\Q$newpred/~$index~/i; return group_ands( $str, $and_preds ); }
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To break the silence: I can reproduce it - but I don't understand. I have several tests with upper case logical operators as well as lower cased ones. This needs truly deep investigation.

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