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The Basics
Id: 104897
Status: open
Worked: 5 min
Priority: 0/
Queue: Regexp-Assemble

Owner: Nobody in particular
Requestors: JARICH [...]

Bug Information
Severity: Important
Broken in: 0.35
Fixed in: (no value)

Subject: Complex-ish alternation (silently) prevents RE tracking
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text/plain 959b
Adding mildly complicated alternation within regular expressions to Regexp::Assemble causes tracking to fail. For example: my $re = Regexp::Assemble->new(flags => 'i')->track(1); $re->add( 'Coneheads(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Dan(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Aykroyd(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Comedy(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Eng|Coneheads(?:[+]|%20)-(?:[+]|%20)Dan(?:[+]|%20)Aykroyd(?:[+]|%20)Comedy(?:[+]|%20)Eng'); my $string = "Coneheads - Dan Aykroyd Comedy Eng"; if( $string =~ /$re/ ) { say "matched $string"; if( my $matched = $re->matched() ) { say "matched with: $matched"; } if( my $matched = $re->source($^R) ) { say "\$^R: $^R"; say "match source: $matched"; } } This will say it matched, but $matched will be undef in both cases. Breaking that regular expression into two parts will do the right thing. If not fixed in code, this should be mentioned in the documentation.
text/x-perl 1.5k
use v5.14; use strict; use warnings; use Regexp::Assemble; use Data::Dumper; my $re = Regexp::Assemble->new(flags => 'i')->track(1); foreach my $reg ( '(?^ux: Coneheads(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Dan(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Aykroyd(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Comedy(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Eng )|(?^ux: Coneheads(?:[+]|%20)-(?:[+]|%20)Dan(?:[+]|%20)Aykroyd(?:[+]|%20)Comedy(?:[+]|%20)Eng)', # 'Coneheads(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Dan(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Aykroyd(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Comedy(?^ux: [^\\p{Alnum}] )Eng', # 'Coneheads(?:[+]|%20)-(?:[+]|%20)Dan(?:[+]|%20)Aykroyd(?:[+]|%20)Comedy(?:[+]|%20)Eng', '(?^u:Coneheads\\ 1993)', ) { $re->add( $reg ); } foreach my $string ( "Coneheads - Dan Aykroyd Comedy Eng", "Coneheads+-+Dan+Aykroyd+Comedy+Eng", "Coneheads%20-%20Dan%20Aykroyd%20Comedy%20Eng", "Coneheads 1993", ) { if( $string =~ /$re/ ) { say "matched $string"; if( my $matched = $re->matched() ) { say "matched with: $matched"; } if( my $matched = $re->source($^R) ) { say "\$^R: $^R"; say "match source: $matched"; } say "work around: ", get_source($re, $string); } else { say "no match on $string"; say "get_source returns: ", get_source($re, $string); } say "-" x 70; } print Dumper $re; sub get_source { my ($re, $string) = @_; foreach my $r ( @{$re->{mlist}} ) { if( $string =~ /$r/ ) { return $r; } } return; }
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Thanx for the report. I've uploaded V 0.36 to CPAN, and it includes your code in examples/, along with a warning at the start of the LIMITATIONS. See Changes for details.
Perhaps will help in some way.

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