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Subject: IO::Socket::SSL 2.006 changes EAGAIN to EWOULDBLOCK which breaks Net::HTTP 6.07
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 15:38:44 -0000
To: <bug-Net-HTTP [...]>
From: "Peter Stokes" <peter [...]>
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Hi, I am using IO-Socket-SSL-2.007 together with Net-HTTP-6.07 (and libwww-perl-6.08) on Perl 5.20.1 for Windows and am receiving "read failed: A non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately." errors. I believe that these errors are the result of a modification made to IO::Socket::SSL in version 2.006 that changed some errors from "EAGAIN" to "EWOULDBLOCK", which have different values on Windows (see: 8fd1daa10cc7d). I'm afraid that I am not particularly familiar with the internals of Net::HTTP (and LWP) but modifying the checks for "EAGAIN" to check for both "EAGAIN" and "EWOULDBLOCK" resolve the particular issue that I am encountering. Thanks Peter --- lib\Net\HTTP\ 2014-07-24 04:27:26.000000000 -0000 +++ lib\Net\HTTP\ 2014-11-27 15:23:57.000000000 -0000 @@ -267,13 +267,13 @@ # need to read more data to find a line ending READ: { die "read timeout" unless $self->can_read; my $n = $self->sysread($_, 1024, length); unless (defined $n) { - redo READ if $!{EINTR} || $!{EAGAIN}; + redo READ if $!{EINTR} || $!{EAGAIN} || $!{EWOULDBLOCK}; # if we have already accumulated some data let's at least # return that as a line die "$what read failed: $!" unless length; } unless ($n) { return undef unless length; --- lib\LWP\Protocol\ 2014-07-25 04:13:08.000000000 -0000 +++ lib\LWP\Protocol\ 2014-11-27 15:07:36.000000000 -0000 @@ -460,13 +460,13 @@ my $buf = ""; #prevent use of uninitialized value in SSLeay.xs my $n; READ: { $n = $socket->read_entity_body($buf, $size); unless (defined $n) { - redo READ if $!{EINTR} || $!{EAGAIN} || $!{ENOTTY}; + redo READ if $!{EINTR} || $!{EAGAIN} || $!{EWOULDBLOCK} || $!{ENOTTY}; die "read failed: $!"; } redo READ if $n == -1; } $complete++ if !$n; return \$buf;

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