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Id: 76169
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Queue: Locale-Maketext

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Broken in: 1.22
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Subject: Fix check glob
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I have fix a glob search in t/01_about_verbose.t The next Text::More version will add stuff in name space, and one of them is a Scalar. So to prevent looking for something wrong, I check the if the ref is a glob.
Subject: fix-glob-search.txt
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diff --git a/t/01_about_verbose.t b/t/01_about_verbose.t index 88a74eb..a393201 100644 --- a/t/01_about_verbose.t +++ b/t/01_about_verbose.t @@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ while(@stack) { } elsif ( defined *{$this . '::ISA'} or defined &{$this . '::import'} - or ($this ne '' and grep defined *{$_}{'CODE'}, values %{$this . '::'}) + or ($this ne '' and grep {defined $_ && ref $_ eq 'GLOB' && defined *{$_}{'CODE'}} values %{$this . '::'}) # If it has an ISA, an import, or any subs... ) { # It's a class/module with no version.

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