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Subject: File::Listing::apache parsing of HTMLTable indexes
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File::Listing version 5.814 (and others) doesn't properly parse directory listings from Apache2.2 generated using mod_autoindex with IndexOptions HTMLTable turned on. I tried turning HTMLTable off in IndexOptions, but failed. I might figure it out someday, but in the meantime I tried to figure out how to get File::Listing::apache to properly parse the listing. The non-HTMLTable output from mod_autoindex would look like this: <a href="file.ext">file.ext</a> 22-May-2009 22:35 1.0M with HTMLTable turned on, it looks like this: <tr><td valign="top"><img src="/icons/compressed.gif" alt="[ ]"></td><td><a href="file.ext">file.ext</a></td><td align="right">22-May-2009 22:35 </td><td align="right">1.0M</td></tr> There are a bunch of td and tr tags included. The problem with this is that there are a set of tags between the HH:MM and the file size. The regex in File::Listing::apache expects only space between HH:MM and the file size. I tried working up a regex to deal with all the extra HTML tags, but in the end I figured it would be easier just to strip the tags out: s/\<\/?(tr|th|td|img|font)[^\<]*\>//ig Could you please add this stripping regex prior to the match regex? I think that it should work transparently. I don't know all the flavors of index listings that mod_autoindex can create, but hopefully this will help more of them be dealt with. Thanks, Fred
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