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Subject: The check for Pod::Man should check that it compiles, not that it's installed
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18:31 <@ewilhelm> perl -e 'use Module::Build::ConfigData; warn Module::Build::ConfigData->feature("manpage_support"); ?? 18:34 <@ewilhelm> obra, looks like something around r5320 - before 0.28 at least 18:34 <@ewilhelm> 2005 18:34 <obra> 17h:shipwright-sd jesse$ perl -Iinc -MShipwright::Util::CleanINC -e 'use Pod::Man' 18:34 <obra> Can't locate Pod/ in @INC (@INC contains: /Users/jesse/git/bps/prophet.git/lib /Users/jesse/git/bps/sd.git/lib inc . /opt/perl-5.8.9/lib/5.8.9 /opt/perl-5.8.9/lib/5.8.9/darwin-2level) at /opt/perl-5.8.9/lib/5.8.9/Pod/ line 34. 18:35 <@xdg> obra, maybe that's an old Pod::Man? 18:35 <obra> perl -Iinc -MShipwright::Util::CleanINC -e 'use Module::Build::ConfigData; warn Module::Build::ConfigData->feature("manpage_support");' 18:35 <obra> 1 at -e line 1. 18:35 <obra> no. it's a very new Pod::Man which requires a Pod::Simple 18:35 <@xdg> In any case, can you hide Pod::Man and see what M::B does? 18:35 <@xdg> obra, ick. 18:35 <@xdg> Pod::* has become such a PITA 18:35 <obra> which I've carefully moved to a directory not in @INC 18:35 <obra> for the purpose of this triage ;) 18:36 <@xdg> perl -MDevel::Hide=Pod::Man Build * 18:36 <@ewilhelm> ugh. it involves check_installed_status() 18:36 <@ewilhelm> which is very much *not* eval("require $module") 18:36 <obra> ewilhelm: indeed. 18:36 <obra> if I _remove the file_ it now breaks as expected 18:37 <obra> and disables the feature 18:37 <obra> so. 18:37 <@ewilhelm> yes. the assumption seems to be that grovelling around in @INC and parsing a version number means it will work 18:37 <obra> is there any way short of Devel::Hide of disabling the manpage genration? 18:37 <obra> that's ... well, that should be fixed for the long term 18:37 <obra> but that's not going to solve my issue with all these running systems 18:38 <@xdg> from command line? Not off the top of my head 18:38 <@ewilhelm> yes. probably should go in the M::B rt 18:38 <obra> ok. 18:38 <obra> is an IRC log sufficient? --
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