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This queue is for tickets about the HTML-Clean CPAN distribution.

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Id: 402
Status: open
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Queue: HTML-Clean

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Severity: Normal
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Subject: Removes newline after linktag
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I'm using HTML::Clean and I find it useful for reducing the size of HTML downloads. However, I do have a small problem with it. If I have the following text: <a href="">Yahoo</a> <font size=-1>(link to yahoo)</font> It gets transformed to something like <a href="">Yahoo</a><font size=-1>(link to yahoo)</font> It gets displayed as Yahoo(link to yahoo) But instead I want it to be transformed to <a href="">Yahoo</a> <font size=-1>(link to yahoo)</font> With a *space* between the "Yahoo" link and the "(link to yahoo)" text. That is, Yahoo (link to yahoo) I was able to fix it easily so that it puts a space between tags. Please see the attached patch.
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--- Wed Jan 17 06:01:37 2001 +++ Wed Jan 17 06:01:45 2001 @@ -431,7 +431,7 @@ $$h =~ s,\n\s+<,\n<,sg; # space before tag $$h =~ s,\n\s+,\n ,sg; # other spaces - $$h =~ s,>\n\s*<,><,sg; # LF/spaces between tags.. + $$h =~ s,>\n\s*<,> <,sg; # LF/spaces between tags.. # Remove excess spaces within tags.. note, we could parse out the elements # and rewrite for excess spaces between elements. perhaps next version.
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I came on here to report a similar bug only to find it was reported 10 *YEARS* ago and is still outstanding. Can this either be fixed or can the module be taken over by someone who will support it, please?

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